Where in the Heck is Our Canine Country Club?! . . .
No one wants to see it built more than we do! Yet, we have been disappointed to date with property acquisition endeavors. We have been approved to build this dream facility by both the City of New Franklin and Springfield Township. Nevertheless, we have yet to have success in lease-purchasing an area property. We certainly can't build it on air, lol, or we'd've done so by now! If any of our waiting list members or anyone new reading this knows of an area property located in preferably New Franklin or Springfield Township, alternatively, Coventry, Portage Lakes, Jackson Township or North Canton that is no less than 20 acres in size and that's Owners are (or may be) interested in leasing it or selling it, we urge you to please contact us at 330-310-9681! ARF! (Thank you!)
I didn't know about it. What exactly is it going to be?
Best Friends Canine Country Club will have multiple 120' x 80' fabric structure indoor private use dog parks where you and your dog can have a spacious high rise ceiling facility all to your own selves! You can choose to bring family members and friends along with their dogs or you may just want the park all to yourself and your dog(s)... the point is, YOU decide who comes and goes from your dog park while you're using it! ARF! Say goodbye to worrying about the risk of your dog attacking a strange dog or of your dog being attacked by a strange dog when you’re in your very own private park! We'll have several private parks so don't worry about having to wait long to use one, if at all. :)

Whatever your dog’s temperament, non-social, aggressive or not, he or she can get the full speed off-leash running and playing desperately needed while your peace of mind gets to stay intact, no matter what the weather throws at us; RAIN, ICE, SNOW, MUD, EXTREME HEAT, EXTREME COLD, it doesn't matter! Our indoor dog parks will take the frost out of extreme cold, the burn out of extreme heat and keep you and your dog dry no matter what the climate throws at us! WOOF!

We’ll have at least one social dog park where members with non-aggressive, well socialized dogs can mingle and play together. There'll be webcams our friendly staff members can monitor to ensure that dogs are staying pleasant and genial with one another in the social park. If things look like they are going awry between certain dogs, the members and their dogs will be kindly directed to use a private park. No one needs to go home, no hard feelings, just safe fun for everyone!

If your dog is anti-social, extremely fearful and shy, overly dominant and/or aggressive, Melanie Blair, Dog Behaviorist & Trainer, who specializes in rehabilitating aggression, shyness and other anti-social dog behaviors, will be offering "Group Socializing Classes for Socially Challenged Dogs”. Melanie is the Founder & Managing Co-Partner of Best Friends Canine Country Club, LLC, and the owner of Best Friends Canine Services, LLC.

Dog behaviorists, trainers, handlers, groomers & canine professionals around the area will be welcome to join our membership and they, too, can conduct private and group sessions and classes in our incredible fabric structure indoor training facilities. ARF!

BFCCC is seeking to be established on a multi-acre property that will ideally be only a short trip away from dog owners, trainers, handlers & canine professionals in the following areas: Akron, Canton, New Franklin, Coventry, Portage Lakes, Green, Uniontown, Lake, Manchester, Clinton, Jackson Township, Barberton, Norton, Kenmore, Springfield, Ellet, Goodyear Hgts., North Hill, Fairlawn, Copley, Cuyahoga Falls & other local northeast Ohio communities.

Why do we call it "THE DOG PARK RISK SOLUTION?" Because we've all seen it, heard it and read about it more than once... Aggressive dogs being brought to dog parks and attacks taking place, even deaths. Or perfectly sociable dogs all enjoying a nice romp together at a dog park and in comes another owner with a dog who is by all means social and friendly but so wound up and excited that it’s choking itself on it’s leash as it jumps repeatedly on hind legs, panting, yipping, whining, tail wagging like mad and, pop, the owner simply unsnaps the leash… Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Everyone who's taken their dog to a dog park knows that all it takes is one excited, unbalanced dog to spread tense energy like wild fire throughout a group of relaxed, sociable dogs and, bam, otherwise friendly dogs can ignite into fights. Best Friends Canine Country Club's Private Indoor Dog Parks will solve that problem by giving you, the dog owner, the power to decide whether or not any other dogs join you in your park while you're using it. It's that simple. ARF!

But that's not all. Our CLUBHOUSE will be complete with Private Use Human-Canine Work-Out Rooms! Why go to the 'Y' and leave your best friend at home when you can bring him or her along with you while you work out? We'll also have a Pro-Shop, Conference/Training Class Room, Vaccination Station (leased by area vets) & Groom Room.

The individual use human-canine private work-out rooms will be complete with deluxe incline treadmills, free weights, resistance machines and more. Your dog can treadmill with you or relax from his romp in the park while you get your work out.

Our Pro-Shop will have everything from t-shirts, jackets and caps to leashes, frisbees, chuck-its and more for purchase as well as specialized training equipment & tennis ball throwing machines for rent.

Our Conference/Training Class Room will be available for low hourly rates for members wishing to hold special training workshops, staff meetings, canine awareness classes, dog group training classes and more.

Our Vaccination Station will be manned by licensed Veterinarians to provide first aid and/or vaccinations for dogs that are due for vaccines.

Our Groom Room will have token-operated Grooming Stations complete with warm water, shampoos, conditioners & blow dryers. We’ll also have a free simple rinse & dry area for those who just want to get their pups a little hosed off and dry.
The Dog Park risk Solution...
So you can see why we're asking for your help by recommending an area property (no less than 20 acres in size)! We want to build this YESTERDAY! ARF! WOOF! RUFF! ARF!
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For more information, to recommend a property, or to be added to our grand opening notification waiting list, click here to email us or call/text 330-310-9681 ARF! :)
Where 'YOU'LL' decide who else can join you (or not) as you use your own Private Dog Park!
There'll be several large, spacious, high ceiling Private Use Dog Parks!
...and in our Clubhouse will be several Private Use Workout Rooms! Work out with your dog!
Each room will be equipped with treadmills, free weights, resistance machines and more!